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Welcome to Cad & Pea's Homepage!!!!

Thanks for dropping by, My name is Ron, but on the web you can find me as cad97. No, that's not me in the photo above, I only look and play the guitar like that in my dreams, it's Eric Clapton, my musical hero.

I use to live in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, for over twenty years.

Pea (aka Donna) and I met in a chat room (Virtual Places) over four years ago. We are still together and are living in Pea's home state of Missouri now. Pea and I have two kitties, Zipper and Speckles. As all of our friend in VP know by now, we hope all of the folks we have chatted with have found happiness in their own personal lives as Pea and I have.

I do Autocad using Autocad2000 and have returned to college to complete my BA in Network Engineering. Pea works for Marriott as a housekeeper, you cannot believe the goodies Pea finds about everyday. Some of the stories Pea tells me about the guest that check in and leave, would have you rolling on the floor laughing.

As promised, I've added a gestures page for all my fellow chat-a-holics. I'll be adding more as I come up with them, be sure to check back..

If you see an avatar of Clapton, it's most likely me, cad97. So be sure to say hi!

Hope ya take time to check out some of our favorite pages! byeeeeee....*smile*

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