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cad97's Gestures

Help yourself to the gestures posted here. Hope you have Winzip to unzip them. If not go back to my homepage and go to Your sure to get it there.....

Feel free to use these gestures all you want, and share them freely. I'll be adding more to the list as new ideas come up. Hope you enjoy them!!!

Oh no! It's gesture hell!!!

Pride and Joy, Stevie Ray Vaughan: 6 gestures
Pride and Joy, Bonnie Raitt's Tribute: 6 gestures, sang from a woman to a man, great match to above
Two Pina Coladas, Garth Brooks: 6 gestures, Set sail with Captain Morgan!
Mistress for Christmas, AC/DC: 2 gestures, I want a mistress, for Christmas
Everybody must get stoned, Dylan: 1 gesture, ear it is.....(Mitzi)
Layla, Eric Clapton, The man!: 4 gestures, Layla is the inspiration!
Cocaine, Classic Clapton: 6 gestures, If you wanna get down...
Wonderful Tonight, EC of course: 9 gestures, very special song
Tears In Heaven.... : 4 gestures
Help Me Up... Great Clapton Tune: 5 Gestures
Make You Feel My Love... Garth from Hope Floats: 6 Gestures
We Shall Be Free.....wonderful song by Garth: it's a big one... Hope everyone listens to this one
My Fathers Eyes.... Bit by Bit, I realized... 5 gestures: For my singing partner.....
Rock Me Baby.... 6 gestures: Claptons part of his duet with BB King
Dumber than doggie meatloaf.. 1 gesture: It's a dogs version of a hairball....
Age, sex please: a take for the eternal newbie question
What's the topic in this room!: The next newbie question
You Move Me..... Garth: 7 gestures
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