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For the Life and Stylers

First..... I this is meant to be one of those annoying disclaimer things that no one ever reads... cad97 assumes no responsiblity to the content of this page (unless you liked it), and makes no assurances that any or all of this information is correct. Hell, I may have made some of it up! It is meant for us to enjoy and have a laugh over, if you don't like it be sure to e-mail me and I will have Daveoz put you in the running for SOOK OF THE WEEK!!

Keeping that in mind... The idea here is to have the Life & Stylers submit funny little thought and quotes from one another to be posted here. You can e-mail, ICQ or IM me with your submissions. Now, bear in mind that they can't be mean, nastly, ugly, obnoxious, or otherwise hurtful to one another. Any submissions to that affect will be used for my own amusement but not published. All submissions will be kept in the strictest of confidence. (I promise, may my puter crash and burn otherwise).

A Monument to Gossip


For those Life & Stylers that may has stumbled onto this page after sooooooo long, yes I am updating this page. Amazing huh?

Anyway, the newest gossip going around (or should be)........

The rumor about Pea and Cad is all wonderfully true, an true internet romance. After a few trips across the country... Pea moved from Missouri to Florida to be with Cad. Both are very happy being in love. And a word of advice from both of them... If you think you may have found your true love on the net, follow your heart. It may take sometime, but true love is out there if you're patient. Take your time. We both have found this to be true, and it's taken us year to find this to be true.

It is true the Pea is Jolein, and I (Cad) have known for a very long time, but we have kept it to ourselves. Pea knows she should have told the oldtimers who she was, but she felt in her heart it was best she didn't. She's sorry that she hadn't told anyone earlier but at the time she felt in her heart it was the right thing for her to do.

But as you know Pea is visits the room, soooooo she still hears the gossip! Hmmmmmmmmm......... *smile* ........ hehehehe

So as you all know, you all tell everything to Pea, and as usual Pea dosent' tell me (Cad) a DAMN THING!!!!!!!!! So all your secrets are are safe with Pea. As they always have been, and always will be.

Pea and I want to say hi to a few old friends..... Rebel, Ecca, Sara, Jollymon, Beauty, Deidi, Mitzimom, Gandt, Dis, Elf, Elkn, Missing, Dkt, Darlin, Calis, Wallina, Evensmom, Smiles, Creamy, Keb, Fiesty Red, Sugarhill, Hope, Wrangler Lady, Taboo, Q, Night Shade, Riggs, Pooh Bea,r Mouse, Sunset, Raenc, Rita37, Maverick, Westwynd, Gray, Dave Oz, Xena37, Drapes, Walker, Seeker, Ally Jo, Ivee, Jax, Loza, Text, Darci, US Male, Bushy, Purse, Lefty, Layla, Ennsie, TG, Blackdress, Emma, Kiss.

.... and to all the other friends that we may have missed, Thanks for the good times.

And just where has Text been? He's been MIA for months now in L&S, so the rumor is going around that he's run off with Darci or TG, hmmmm could this be true!? LOL

To our old friend Purse, we hope everything is o.k now. That all your surgery's are over and all is well.

A very special thanks to my Sweat Pea for helping me though that last couple years and for kicking my butt and getting me working on this page again... *smile*

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