April 25th, 1998 Miami, Florida
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April 25th, 1998 Miami, Florida

Saturday night, I was in the same room as Eric Clapton (aka God). Although, I sat in the Miami Arena, with thousands of other people I still felt that he was performing just for me. From the start, listening to the recorded music of "TDF", Clapton's side project, where he perfomed under the psuedo-name "X-Sample", it was all Clapton! Even the opening act, hand picked by EC, had the Clapton style.

Distant Cousins, the opening act was a bluesy/soulful band that sounds like a cross between Seal and Hootie with a Motown flavor. Their blues influenced performance of original tunes, as well as a cover of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" worked as a great opener for EC, but the set seemed short at only thirty minutes.

After a, ten minute pause for the instuments to be changed and the twenty piece casually dressed orchestra to take their places Clapton appeared on stage to the delight of the crowd wearing his Black Fender a huge smile, a blue button down shirt and jeans. No Armani suits for Florida.

The first five songs played where from the Pilgrim CD, followed by three acoustic tunes. Then he donned his black Strat once more to finish out the night with seven classics and an awesome encore. I found it very interesting that during the acoustic set the entire band was seated, including his backup singers. Every member of Clapton's band seemed to be truly enjoying themselves on stage, fine musicians all. Having Nathan East on bass opposite Eric and experiencing the interaction between the two was a real treat.

The highlight of the night for me was an incredible version of Change The World with the orchestra. We all sang along making the experience even more heartfelt.

Here's the set list from the night.

My Fathers Eyes* *Pilgrim* *One Chance* *River Of Tears* *She's Gone* *Tears In Heaven acoustic* *Layla acoustic* *Change The World acoustic* *Old Love* *Crossroads* *Have You Ever Loved A Woman* *I Shot The Sheriff* *Wonderful Tonight* *Tearin' Us Apart* *Cocaine* *Sunshine Of Your Love -- Encore

If Eric comes to your part of the world and you can possibly make the show, be sure and do so! Eric Clapton is magic on the guitar. He sings and plays from the heart, and is ever still the inspiriation. If you are going for a blazing light show or pyrotechnics you will be disappointed. The lights are well done, but the only sparks are from EC's fingers, as he played his butt off for two hours. With the great musicians on stage all the flash was not needed. There was an abundance of recording gear present as well as video camera's. Any rumors of a live Cd or a tour video out there?

I'm sure I'll be thinking of more to add here as the times passes and I remember more Stop back and check for more info... If you have seen his show and would like to add to this page, or just let me know what you thought, I would love to hear it. Please e-mail me and I'll add your comments.

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