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Welcome to cad97's page!!!!

Thanks for dropping by, My name is Ron, but on the web you can find me as cad97. No, that's not me in the photo above, I only look and play the guitar like that in my dreams, it's Eric Clapton, my musical hero.

I live in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, and during the day I am a draftsman using Autocad R14, and at night I'm either practicing the guitar or chatting on web.

As promised, I've added a gestures page for all my fellow chat-a-holics. I'll be adding more as I come up with them, be sure to check back..

Also wanted to say (stole this idea from DaveOz) thanks for coming to my fellow roomies from Life and Style. To: Realwoman, Kizomo, Sexbomb, Wallina, Mitzismom, Jolly Mon (ya parrot head), Creamy, Nifty, TG, PCK, DaveOz, Hotkssr, Rebel68, Kitkat, Peanut, Hand_Cuff, Enchalada, Cedarcrest, and last but not least Elfinmagik. Elf got me to download the chat software and got me started on this web page. So, if you don't like either one, you'll know who to blame... lol Just kidding, thanks to all of you who stopped by, and if you don't come back, DaveOz will send you... well, you'll just have to visit his page to see what he'll send ya! Speaking of DaveOz...Thanks mate, for the great "Clapton Mania" animation!

Let me know if I missed your name, be happy to add it in.

If you see an avatar of Clapton, it's most likely me, cad97. So be sure to say hi!

Links to check out

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